Temple Ceremony

"Fiery Sun"

The sacred ceremony “Fiery Sun” will only take place during the winter solstice. In such an energetically charged time, it’s possible to change your destiny and experience rebirth just like the renewed sun is experiencing it.

Madonna, an initiated temple Priestess will lead the ceremony herself.

Starting on December 21st, everything around us will take the path to ascension. That which is alive will receive a huge flow of energy. This will be a magical and sacred time to shift your life completely.

If you want to:

start your own business or grow
in your career
attract monetary
meet your other half, take your current
relationship to the next level, and have love come
back to you as well as harmony and warmth
extend your youthfulness and accentuate
your beauty and health
Then join us in this ancient ritual that we will share
with everyone who will show up at the ceremony!
It will be so powerful! Change your destiny, light up the fiery
sun within you, and bring your girlfriends!


Recording sacred ceremony
“Fiery Sun”

  • Ancient symbol: instant connection to the source
    of wealth and Power;

  • Mantra of 12 mystical sounds for 12 days.
    Bookmark the success program for 12 months 2023;

  • Dance - ceremony "Worship of Jupiter".


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